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NwnPhoto, agency photographers with diversity (especially developmental disabilities and disorders), is a non-profit association, created on March 2013

1) These years we have dedicated them first to check our three hypotheses:

- People with intellectual disabilities love photography and discover the world

- People with intellectual disabilities can take quality photographs professional

- People with intellectual disabilities receive many benefits from an activity like photography, becoming much more proactive people, facilitating their social as well as labor inclusion

2) We started the International Network of photographers with intellectual disabilities, creating photographers in Spain (Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona) and collaborating with Moro Foto (Nord Odal-Norway), Life-wire News Service (NYC-USA), Yo También (Buenos Aires-Argentina) and its project in Latin America with contacts in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. We also started contacts with other countries

3) During these years, we have made presentations or exhibitions in Miami (Trailblazing2017), in Nord Odal (Norway), in Perugia (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), and Turku (Finland) and in Spain in Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Murcia, Malaga, Marbella, Zaragoza, and in Pamplona

4) We are creating what will be the bank of images of photographers with a diversity (developmental disability and disorders) . In these moments we have the Alfa version that we are improving. 


NwnPhoto wants to be a self-sustaining project economically. He does not receive any public aid, all his income has been obtained for work done. Now that we are entering a phase of international expansion, we seek aid that facilitates the real inclusion of people with diversity

Felipe Alonso
Founder and CEO

What we want to do

NwnPhoto, the agency of photographers with diversity, creates an ecosystem that offers a modern, global and easily accessible inclusion, through photography and image, where photographers with disabilities are protagonists. This ecosystem will be composed mainly of an online platform that will be the meeting point between photographers with disabilities, and society. At this meeting point there will be an inspiration to collaborate together, photographers and society, creating products or services with real value, that will surprise society.


- The inclusion we offer is modern because it seeks creativity, works with information and communication technologies, and approaches new technologies such as VR, 360o, AR, drones ...

- Inclusion is global because it has to unite and help all people with intellectual disabilities who have an interest in using a camera. NwnPhoto seeks an extensive network of photographers and quality.

- Inclusion must be easy to access to grow fast, and people from countries with few resources can access. Photography has a simple technique, requires a minimum equipment to make a photograph and an Internet connection.

Our ecosystem is aimed at photographers with intellectual diversity (developmental disability and disorders), and photographers with other disabilities are also welcome.

Our next goals are

1) Consolidate and expand the meeting point between photographers with disabilities and society to create innovative products or services that surprise and empower the whole society.

2) To form in professional photography people with diversity (developmental disability and Disorders). People who do not reach an adequate professional level, will continue collaborating in another way with the project

3) Offer technical solutions to people with disabilities who can not do photography. We have taught photography to people with intellectual disabilities who are also blind, one of them blind from birth who learned to feel the colors ... their lives improve.

4) Support people with intellectual disabilities who live in countries with a difficult situation and with a stigma towards them, so they can take photographs and improve their quality of life.

5) We want to be economically self-sufficient, for this our activity must be profitable. We can not think of public grants as our way of working.

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