We created the first bank of images made by photographers with diversity (especially developmental disability and disorders).
Now it's the Alfa version;               http://noswhynot.photoshelter.com

- We work hard so that, also it is the only bank of images totally accessible. We want anyone to enjoy photography.

- In the image bank there will be private galleries to facilitate a deeper collaboration between photographers with a disability and companies or entities with a real interest in inclusion.

- This bank will allow us to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in certain areas of our world, through photography

- The search by profile of the photographer will be a great innovation; we can look for an image made by a photographer with Down syndrome, autism, blind ..., man or woman.

- It will also be a showcase that motivates photographers to improve every day.
- This image bank has been created to photographers with intellectual disabilities (some of the photographers have more than one disability, for example intellectual disability and blind), but photographers with other disabilities will be welcome

- Our image bank (Alfa version) has been seen in many countries.

Image: Interest in the world by the NwnPhoto image bank