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How do we do it?

Conventional photography is in crisis, but it is also the moment when society uses more photographs. To achieve our goal of inclusion, our work must have:

CREATIVITY: In all our works both products and services. The photographs of our photographers decorate hotel rooms, explaining our history and giving visibility to inclusion. Another example is a proposal for a tourist guide of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, explained by people with two disabilities, obtaining a didactic, entertaining and accessible guide

QUALITY: We guarantee the high quality of our work. One example is that we are collaborators of Getty Images, the most important image bank in the world

KNOWLEDGE: 1) Technology to offer amazing products and services. 2) of the environment to be able to go to the opportunities or meet the needs of society

COLLABORATION: 1) creating an international Network of photographers with diversity. We think of cities like Dublin and Paris, in countries like the USA where we have contacts in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Miami or Nashville. And we also think of countries in South America, Africa and Asia where there is a lot of work to be done2) with technological companies that allow us to offer our products or services (example: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, ..)

COMMITMENT in passion red, is the most important because without commitment we can not advance

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